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We are good at what we do and we strive to be even better. Our customers feel the same. If you are looking for the better, come with us.

buvidyo is Turkiye's leading Digital Content Agency since 2011. Our team offers high quality video productions and content-driven social media services for corporate brands.

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"I am very happy to work with buvidyo since 2017. Unlike conventional social media agencies, they can produce quick solutions with their video production skills. buvidyo's content supports our sales."

Tuğba Yetişen

Tuğba Yetişen

Fortis Sinanlı General Manager

Let's discover what you need

We produce solutions tailored to your needs

We have been producing videos for more than a decade. Our work is to create content that communicates for your business.

You can increase your sales with digital content.

You can benefit from videos at every stage of the sales funnel and make your sales performance much more efficient.

Here you will find answers to some of your questions.

I'm not sure what kind of content I need. What can I do?

buvidyo, unlike other production companies, provides you with a free consultation so that you can strengthen your communication plans. If you don't know exactly what you need, we will ask you some questions in the first meeting in order to guide you towards the right direction. With the experience and data of more than 1200 content projects we have successfully completed so far, we can design a strategy that suits your goals and develop projects in line with this strategy.

Which platforms can I share the content you produce?

You can publish your video content whereever you like. Our customers usually share our content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, corporate website, in-house channels, etc. If you wish, we can also support you to create a media plan in line with your goals. Premium channels such as cinema, digital TV platforms, etc. may require different work.

Do I need more than one video?

It really depends on your purpose and your budget. Of course, one video is better than none. But as you can imagine, a series of videos is much more effective. Some brands try to cram too many messages into one video. Unfortunately, this can tire viewers and make the content ineffective. We always recommend focusing on one goal for each piece of content. Contact us and our production team will support you to create a content strategy that fits your needs.

When will you deliver my content?
Of course, we want to deliver your content as soon as possible without wasting time. However, the delivery time of your project depends on many different factors, such as the number of your video content, scene/sequence formats, and working details such as effects, etc. in editing. Also important is the speed and intensity with which you provide feedback throughout the process. In summary, the production process can be completed in a minimum of a few days and a maximum of a few weeks.

But don't let this scare you; time is as important a resource for us as it is for you. We have learned over the years that the devil is in a hurry, but no good can come from work that drags on like stewed rice. So we want to complete your work in the *ideal* time and you can be sure that we will do our best for that.

We can give you a clear time during the debrief/offer phase or you can share a deadline during the brief phase if you wish.
Do I need to find actors, arrange a shooting location or bring stuff?
No, we don't. We take care of all these pre-production details for you. If you have a specific actor, location, setting or item in mind, we can include it in the project. But if there is nothing special, we, as a team, will take care of these details so that you don't have to deal with these issues.

We would like to point out that product videos are an exception: we will need a sample of your product for filming.
How do you manage the revision process?
We have a standard process for making revisions or changes to your project. At each stage, we get your approval and move on to the next stage of construction. This also means that we cannot go back to any stage in the construction process that you have approved.

It is very important that mutual expectations are clear and that our communication channels are open. We expect you to communicate your requests and expectations to us in an understandable way. The number of revisions is unlimited (as long as the revisions do not exceed their purpose). Yes, it is unlimited.

But are there no limits? Of course there are: When revisions become a matter of taste, they are not included in the process. Tastes and colors are relative and can make the process a vicious circle. Unfortunately, we have to part ways with such clients and regretfully choose not to work with them again. As bad as it sounds, this is a very rare situation.

It is our general policy to establish a timetable for the production process and to provide clear mutual feedback on requested changes.

First of all, you should keep this in mind: As an agency, our primary goal is not to completely satisfy the collective taste of you and your colleagues, or to strive until you believe that everything and every aspect is perfect. Our main goal is to produce content that we are confident meets the needs of your brand and that audiences will enjoy. That's the goal we focus on together. When we are in agreement with you on this, the process will go smoothly and flow like oil, so to speak.

In summary, it is important for us to be flexible and open to any change. However, it is also important that we move the process forward in a focused manner and develop it gradually. Revisions are unlimited, but unnecessary extension of the calendar and perfectionism are excluded.
Where do you provide your services?
We provide services all over Turkiye. We have both a production vehicle that we can direct from our headquarters in Istanbul with our team, and we have creators living in different parts of Turkiye who can come to your location. The independent content producers we work with work as part of our core team and we are in constant collaboration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know if your location is within our scope of service.
How do you preserve your quality?
Our business model, agile and flexible way of working is the secret of our success. For us, quality does not mean making cinematic art. For us, quality is the sustainable production of digital content that meets your corporate needs by achieving the ideal balance between time, quality and budget. We are working with all our strength to maintain this quality.

Everything starts with communication

Good ideas come from communication. Communication is everything. If you have something on your mind, share it with us without wasting time. Let's talk about ideas.

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